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Retired Teacher Gives Dropouts a Second Chance at Education

Priscilla Robinson, a hard-working retired teacher from Bay City, has made it her goal to ensure every person that did not finish school has the chance to receive a GED or diploma. To do this, Robinson founded a nonprofit organization in 2012 called Empowerment for Exceeding Together (E4E2) to administer learning services to underprivileged local residents that need to get their GED.

Robinson provides free computer lessons and brings in volunteers to teach classes or guest speakers to give the students substance and encouragement to their experience. The service also helps with resume building, learning the ropes of the job market, and even job placement. Robinson has made it her goal to see these students get a second chance at receiving a real education in order to be successful.

E4E2 is located in Matagorda County, Bay City, Texas, and is an adult learning center that services adults of all ages with core subjects, GED, and ESL classes. The program is free of charge, but Robinson expects that anyone enrolling in the services is going to be completely committed. She demands that the students attend classes or be dropped from the program until the following semester. She can be strict but is also extremely loving; she is referred to as a mother figure by her students. She pushes her students so that they can expand their opportunities in the workplace and gain the knowledge they need.

Robinson helps those that were once deemed unteachable and creates an opportunity for them to get a second chance. This has the potential to make a huge impact on the surrounding communities by creating an avenue for education that caters to those who did not feel they could be helped.

Priscilla Robinson’s hard work and caring nature has created something that the whole community can benefit from. She truly wants to make a difference in people’s lives. It is people like Robinson that bring hope back into a world that seems to be lacking it. Her empathy and determination to make a difference will help so many in need.

Robinson strives to do everything she can to fund the E4E2 program. The funding helps provide the tools needed to strengthen those that seek the skills they need in order to continue their journey to a better future. Her commitment to making sure everyone has the chance to be educated and reach his or her full potential is admirable.

Education is very important for individuals and the community; lower income students and schools often don’t get the education they deserve because of funding and other socioeconomic factors that greatly impact the community. It is important that people like Priscilla Robinson are looking out for the underprivileged because education is crucial for society’s growth and stability.

To help the students enrolled in E4E2, you can visit Priscilla Robinson’s GoFundMe page here.

Featured Image by Elaine Smith on Flickr 

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    Chris M.

    July 6, 2019 at 2:39 pm

    Ms. Robinson has created something really amazing for this area! Truly an amazing person!

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