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Sarah Silverman Turns Angry Fan into Friend on Twitter

Any fan of Sarah Silverman could tell you just how brash and direct her comedy is. She rarely holds back and isn’t afraid to use vulgar language. Furthermore, she isn’t afraid to take a stand against people and ideas she doesn’t agree with.

In her new Hulu series, the late night talk show I Love You America, her monologues focus on her own personal experiences, and she uses current events as a way to explore the personal implications they might carry. According to Hulu’s description of an episode from the show, Silverman is “looking to connect with people who may not agree with her personal opinions through honesty, humor, genuine interest in others, and not taking herself too seriously.”

One of her tools is Twitter. In late December 2017, when a sexist tweet using the c-word was aimed at her while she was trying to reach out to an internet troll in the hope of understanding where they were coming from, Silverman responded in a classy way instead of returning fire at the man. She wrote a series of sympathetic tweets after scrolling through his timeline.

According to his feed, Twitter user Jeremy Jamrozy has several slipped discs in his spine, with no insurance and no way to go to work through the pain.

Jamrozy eventually opened up to Silverman about his problems.

In a follow up tweet, Jamrozy informed Silverman of his PTSD.

Silverman then proceeded to ask Jamrozy if he took any drugs or had any desire to get clean, to which he replied that he was only using his prescription medication that he took accordingly.

“Good,” Silverman replied. “I want to kill him too so I can’t imagine your rage. All I know is this rage- and even if you could kill him— it’s punishing yourself. And you don’t deserve punishment.  You deserve support.  Go to one of these support groups. You might meet ur best bros there.”

Though Silverman offered to pay for his medical expenses, she rallied her Twitter followers to ensure that this man seeks medical attention for his hurt back he complained about as well. “Jeremy went for a consult and it’s worse than we hoped. If you’re so inclined, help get him on his feet and working again. He’s in San Antonio if you’re an actual expert that can help with ur skills,” she tweeted to her followers. She also included a link to his GoFundMe Page for his back relief, which has far surpassed its goal amount.

In an interview with local news source My San Antonio, Jamrozy described himself as “once a giving and nice person, but too many things destroyed that and I became bitter and hateful. Then Sarah showed me the way. Don’t get me wrong, I still got a long way to go, but it’s a start.”

He also tweeted later on, “God I feel so overwhelmed with joy tears in my eyes because I’m finally getting the help I need. Sarah Silverman is a complete angel. I’m in shock man shit like this never happens. I won’t take it for granted.”

The entire exchange can be found here.

Featured Image by Garrett Heath on Flickr

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