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Sasha Obama is Living Her Best Life

Sasha Obama has been trending on social media for her appearance in a few TikTok videos with her friends. In the videos she is seen dancing and singing along to a City Girls song. Many people had come to criticize her behavior but the truth is that she is just doing what Black teenage girls do.

Both Sasha and her older sister Malia had been under strict scrutiny from the public during and following their father’s presidential administration. Much of the foul verbiage facing Barack Obama trickled down to the rest of his family. No one could ever forget his infamous tan suit that stirred news organizations around the country as if he’d performed the biggest scandal known to man. Some things, well, most things weren’t worth the comment. It was simply the fact he was a Black man in the White House that caused the constant need for conversation.

Malia Obama had begun her college career at Harvard University in 2017. The internet almost imploded when she was spotted at music festival Lollapalooza presumably smoking weed. There was another video of her blowing smoke rings. “Breaking” news polluted the media with accounts of the situation and conservative newspapers attempted to hedge this against president Obama. However, average Twitter users came to her defense because that’s what college kids do. They blow smoke rings.

Unfortunately, her younger sister Sasha had recently come under fire for rapping the profane lyrics of a Moneybagg Yo song featuring City Girls. Along with that were videos of her doing TikTok dances with her friend. Social media blew up once again as people were both trying to determine whether it was Sasha and sensationalizing her doing what girls do.

For some reason, White House families can never catch a break but the Obama administration had especially experienced trouble from the media. In 2014, the girls were scrutinized at a Thanksgiving event by communications director Elizabeth Lauten and told to “show a little class” because their skirts were more than two fingers above the knee. People seemed to keep a magnifying glass on the two awaiting a misstep that could be used to tarnish the family name.

When are they able to just be who they are? Sasha having fun shouldn’t be a viral event. It should be something she could enjoy without the media hovering over her every move. There’s a reason why we hadn’t seen much of her on video before this point: because people don’t know how to mind their business, especially when a Black girl is involved. Obama’s presidency did not separate Malia and Sasha from being themselves.

Sasha Obama, seemingly a little more outgoing, should be able to indulge in Black culture being that is who she is. The front pages of newspapers have more to worry about than what a 19-year-old Black girl is doing. The intimidating survelliance could intimidate her not to express herself which at such a young age is almost abusive.

Featured image by Entertainment Tonight on YouTube

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