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Say Goodbye to Your Old Headphones

Regardless of whether or not you’re watching funny videos, talking on the phone, or listening to your favorite tunes, everyone needs a good pair of headphones (or two). Headphones come in a varying array of shapes and sizes in order to fulfill various roles.

Take a look at some of the hottest and coolest headphones on sale this week.

Jamsonic DJ-Style Light-Up Cat-Ear Headphones

In a cool new take on the classic over the ear headphone model, Jamsonic presents their cat-ear headphones. Compatible with laptops, phones, MP3 players, and more, these headphones feature a 5-foot cable and cat ears that light up when music is played, allowing you to make sure you stand out in every setting. Not a fan of light shows? No problem. The headphones have a light switch, as well. The headphones, which come in various sizes, can be yours on Groupon starting at $14.99, 85 percent off the original price. Get your cat-ear headphones today!

Magicbeatz Truly Wireless Mini Stereo Bluetooth Sport Earbuds 

Music lovers and fitness fanatics rejoice! The future of fitness earbuds is here! Magicbeatz is selling their dime-sized wireless earbuds on Groupon for over half-off, at $39.99, a far cheaper alternative to many other earbuds, such as the ones sold by Apple. These versatile headphones allow you use one earphone at a time or both for stereo time with over 5 hours of charge time in such a small package! These earbuds also have noise-reduction technology, sure to help you get in the zone on a tough workout or a loud environment.

Jarv Pure Fit Bluetooth 4.0 Sweat and Water-Resistant Sport Headphones

Another entry in the wireless earbud category are these Jarv Purefit sweat and water-resistant headphones. This model wraps over the ear, making them sure to stay in place after a long run or other physical activity. In addition to the design, these headphones also add extra protection against sweat and water, making them ideal to use for workout or on the beach, or near the pool. The all black headphones offer user a sleek and stylish look while working out, and they can be yours today for $14.99 on Groupon, an 81 percent discount off of the original price. The headphones charge quickly and last long, so don’t worry about being out of luck on a morning jog, the Jarv Purefit earbuds are the choice for you!


Let’s face it, everyone needs a pair of headphones. Many of use are struggle along with some dusty, tangled-up headphones with frayed wires because we’ve been using them every day for 2 years straight. It’s time for an upgrade.

Featured Image by Charli Lopez on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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