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Sci-Fi Books of 2020: Must-Reads

For all bookworms: add these sci-fi wonders to your reading list!

During the global pandemic, some have needed comfort and positivity. Others, however, gravitate towards the horror that they are feeling, and sci-fi books can hit the spot perfectly. Check out the following sci-fi books from 2020 for some thrilling stories that are bound to have you questioning and reflecting humankind.

Riot Baby

Riot Baby, by Tochi Onyebuchi, is a dystopian narrative that takes place during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. The main characters, Ella and Kev, have spent their lives being impacted by systemic racism and injustices. However, they have both been gifted with supernatural powers; potentially, these powers could change America’s future. This story focuses on the detrimental Black experience in America. 


Docile, written by K.M. Szpara, is a dark dystopian story that explores the issues that arise from wealth, capitalism, and inheritance. This raw narrative reveals a potential future for America that urges readers to reflect on their values and role in society. 

Chosen Ones

In a thriller meets sci-fi meets fantasy, Chosen Ones tells the story of five ordinary teenagers under a prophecy, which has told them that they must take down a powerful entity that is destroying North America. On one hand, this book is perfect for anyone craving fantasy; on the other hand, Veronica Roth thoughtfully covers important topics such as mental health and racism, incorporating elements of realism. 

The Space Between Worlds

The Space Between Worlds, by Micaiah Johnson, offers a world where multiverse travel is possible. This story combines elements of sci-fi with romance and explores contemporary social issues such as privilege and identity. 

The Bear

Set in an ominous post-apocalyptic period, The Bear describes a time where humankind has been destroyed, leaving two survivors, our two protagonists. During the end of civilization, the two learn about companionship, love, and survival. Andrew Krivak urges readers to question humanity and reflect on the power of nature. 

Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky, is a story that consists of two time periods: the 1880s and the early 1900s. This story uses historic elements to explore the treatment of the Native Americans during the late 19th century when they were forced to assimilate to white culture. Through her thoughtful and genuine storytelling, author Amanda Skenandore sheds light on a period of time we often neglect to explore.


Devolution takes readers into a remote village in the Pacific Northwest, where there has been a horrifying encounter with Bigfoot. Max Brooks uses journal entries, interviews, and news reports to produce a journalistic tone, exploring the Greenloop massacre upont the village.

The Book of Koli

In a post-apocalyptic narrative, The Book of Koli tells a futuristic tale in which humans are endangered by genetically modified plants and must fight to survive. Nature is the enemy, while individuals are forced to have their guards up. M.R. Carey explores topics concerning survival, extinction, and the force of technology. 

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