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Selena Gomez Releases Rare, an Album About Growth and Self-Love

Selena Gomez has finally released Rare, her third studio album, which was four years in the making. As expected, this album is a strong addition to the singer’s discography, filled with songs to jam out to. Not only that, but it also tells of Gomez’s journey of growth and self-love.

It is widely known that the 27-year-old pop star has been dealing with difficulties these past few years. Along with her crazy-busy schedule, Gomez shared she is suffering from anxiety and depression brought on by lupus. If that wasn’t enough, she also went through a rocky relationship with Justin Bieber, which turned out to be one of the main influences for her new album.

Gomez is not keeping these specific influences on her music a secret. She is credited on every song as a writer and speaks of how she wants to be as open and honest as possible. In an interview with Apple Music, Gomez said, “People will ultimately know where the inspiration came from.”

In this same interview, Gomez discussed why she chose the word “Rare” as both the title of her album and its leading track. “[Rare] actually is a word that sums up what the purpose of my position is,” she says, “which is letting people know that they are completely unique within who they are.” 

When discussing the title track, Gomez then added, “I think it was such a perfect description of how I think girls, or women, are meant to feel. It’s even acknowledging: I don’t have it all, but I do know that I’m worth something.” 

“Rare”, featuring elements of future bass and lyrics about finding one’s independence, is Gomez’s favorite on the album. The other tracks are a perfect mix of danceable songs like “Look At Her Now”, flirty moods like “Ring”, and soft yet powerful ballads like “Lose You To Love Me”. The latter is proving to be the chart-topper of the new decade, perfect for listeners who are also starting new chapters in their lives.

Not only is the album charting high, but it is also receiving much praise from critics, the most that she has received in her career. Variety even praises her new album as “one of the best pop albums to be released in recent memory”. 

In an interview with Spotify, Gomez explained her emotions behind her new album. “Honestly, this album was kind of a nightmare to deal with, but in the best way possible,” she says. “I thought that I was so ready, like, two years ago [to release it]. … And then something would happen to me and it would be very drastic, so it would take me somewhere else. And then all of a sudden, I found this healing, and I saw something bigger than what I thought I was.”

Listening to Rare is definitely a healing experience for those of us who need it. We here at New York Minute Magazine highly recommend it!

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