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Inspiring Self-Help Books Written By Women, For Women

As we know, women encounter bias in several aspects of their lives –– education, career, health, and so much more. Because of that, managing life and staying positive can sometimes be difficult. Thanks to these five women and their dedication to bettering the lives of women everywhere, self-help books have become a tool for fostering inspiration and showing women that they are capable of anything.


It’s Not Always Depression by Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Blogger-turned-author Hilary Jacobs Hendel uses her knowledge in psychotherapy to help readers struggling with anxiety, depression, or any form of emotional despair. Her debut self-help title, It’s Not Always Depression, emphasizes the growing importance of emotional literacy and self-realization. In it, she introduces what she calls ‘The Change Triangle,’ a set of guidelines that can assist anyone through the process of reconnecting with their true self after dealing with tough times.


How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen & Marshall Goldsmith

Written by two experts in leadership and entrepreneurship, How Women Rise is an essential guide for women seeking to advance within their careers. The book breaks down twelve habits women regularly exhibit in their work environments, particularly those which are male-dominated. It offers tips, tricks, and words of encouragement to be bold and take those necessary steps to level up in your career.


Becoming by Michelle Obama

As the first African-American First Lady, Michelle Obama has many interesting stories to tell. Those stories range from moments of her childhood in Chicago’s South Side to her most eye-opening experiences at the White House. Her memoir, Becoming, not only invites readers to take a deeper look at the life of a significant cultural figure –– it combines years of wisdom on motherhood, work-life balance, and love to inspire countless other women.


The Witch’s Book of Self-Care by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

A mythical take on self-help, The Witch’s Book of Self-Care gives advice on how to prioritize your mind, body, and spirit using unorthodox methods. Some include meditating outdoors, creating your own body butter, and practicing the release of guilt by destroying physical objects linked with bad memories. Murphy-Hiscock focuses on abstract or intangible remedies, like mantras or reflective prompts, to heal any mental or physical anguish disrupting your happiness.


Codependent No More by Melody Beattie

Melody Beattie’s blunt title aligns with her book’s straightforward message: stop relying on others to maintain your emotional well-being. Codependent No More teaches readers to let go of things out of their control and set boundaries in their relationships, whether they’re romantic, platonic, or familial. Beattie draws from her own personal experiences and provides exercises for women to practice when they lose sight of themselves while seeking validation from others.

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