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Shocking Dress Code for Women Finally Rectified in Ohio

A hospital in Akron, Ohio had finally dropped their antiquated dress code rules requiring their female staff members to always wear pantyhose with skirts and dresses.

You may be wondering, how will all of the male employees be able to focus? (We hope you aren’t wondering that.) Well get out your bra and light a match ladies, because these women are finally shedding the ridiculous layers of clothing they were forced to wear on the job.

The rules have recently been revised so that they can sport very scandalous items such as “professional” capri pants, small-studded nose piercings, non-offensive tattoos, and *gasp* open toe shoes! What’s next? Equal pay? Then it’ll be anarchy.

CBS reported that Summa Health Vice President Lorraine Washington sent out a memo to his employees that reads, “As always the purpose of our dress code is to ensure all Summa Health employees maintain a professional appearance when interacting with our patients and the community,” she says, “I trust you’ll continue to apply these guidelines and your best judgement [sic] to determine what is and is not appropriate for your specific work environment and the safety of our patients.”

The problem with that statement is that the dress code disproportionately targeted women. If a rule tells a women to cover up her legs, arms, cleavage, etc, that rule and whoever created it is inherently sexualizing her body. Many workplaces seem to have this idea that the female anatomy is the scariest thing in the world. Oh no, a woman’s kneecap! Quick, protect the children!

While the hospital continues to claim that the dress code existed to maintain a constant professional appearance, a woman previously commented that instead it, “reinforces the misogynistic attitude that women’s bodies are dangerous and must be concealed. Even the nuns that work in our affiliated hospitals are wearing sandals and capris.”

There are still a few restrictions. Ladies must maintain a “natural” hair color by abiding by a list of shades that don’t include purple or pink. As for the gentlemen, facial hair must be “groomed and maintained.” Overall the vexation of these women has subsided, as they are pleased to have a little more freedom; they can live without neon pink hair. At least, for now.

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