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Shonda Rhimes Partners with Dove’s Real Beauty Productions

What do ShondaLand productions like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder have in common? The answer is strong female roles written by acclaimed producer and television writer Shonda Rhimes.

Yes, she may make you want to throw your tissue box at the screen with the amount of favorite characters she kills off (still missing you, George), but she also succeeds in portraying real, raw, and powerful moments within womanhood.

Her hit shows have made up for a new realm of acronyms (TGI Thursdays, a.k.a. ShondaLand day) where viewers excitedly tune in for another dose of her addicting storylines. Rhimes clearly has talent for writing strong and realistic female characters. Recently, Dove took notice.

Dove, a personal care brand, has requested a collaboration with Rhimes to help champion their Real Beauty message and campaign. Dove Real Beauty Productions will be committed to “portraying women in a realistic way.”

The Los Angeles Times noted that “Rhimes will act as creative director for short videos portraying everyday women explaining what their personal definitions of “real beauty” are and how they feel “real beauty” should be portrayed on film and television.” Video subjects will be found via a submission process on, where entrants are encouraged to share their stories.”

Nick Soukas, Vice President of Marketing for Dove, stated that “this is a program that has come at a time where real women want their story to be told.” Soukas calls Rhimes “a powerhouse storyteller” and believes she is the most fitting person to claim a seat in the selection process, as well as performing the role of creative director of these women’s stories.

Dove Real Beauty Productions stems from the Dove Real Beauty Pledge, which affirms the portrayal of women in a realistic way, barring digital retouching in advertisements.

Rhimes released a short video for Dove Real Beauty Productions, and the master storyteller warmly encouraged others to share their stories as well. “For too long the definition of beauty has been too narrow, and let’s face it, unreal. This is one of the big reasons why I tell stories, real stories, that reflect the real world. Stories that show us for who we truly are. And I think it’s particularly important for women and girls to know that they have an amazing story as well.”

She goes on to say that she has teamed up with Dove Beauty Productions “to help real women like you—yes you—show the world what beauty means through your eyes.”

Shonda Rhimes is effectively expanding the definition of beauty, and with her help, it is safe to say that our future screens will not only be more authentic, but kinder to every type of beauty. Authenticity is key, and Rhimes’ championing of this important facet has been the #RealBeauty and real reason why her writing speaks to millions every week.

Whether it’s through the characters of a surgical intern, lawyer, or White House communications director, Rhimes’ genuine portrayals allow us to see ourselves, and now, Rhimes is asking to see us, too.

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