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SideChef: the GPS for Cooking

Cooking is an essential skill we all have to learn at some point in our lives. There are a lot of cooking apps out there with thousands of great recipes, but none of them provide instructions to help you out in the kitchen. SideChef is an app created to do just that.

The app aims to make cooking easier to learn by providing photos with step-by-step instructions for each recipe. This way you always know what you are doing, even if you have never attempted the recipe before.

The app “acts as a virtual sous chef that makes sure you don’t forget to add the egg or leave something in the oven too long. While you are using SideChef, the cooking process is simply easier and more fun.”

Kevin Yu, the founder and CEO of SideChef, created the app after trying to make dinner for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Yu told Business Insider, “A few years ago I was trying to impress a girl by cooking her a fancy 3-course meal. Let’s just say the results were pretty embarrassing! But I realized the mistakes I made in the kitchen were as common as getting the timing wrong or forgetting an ingredient. They could’ve been avoided if there weren’t so many time sensitive tasks for me to keep track of at the same time. So it was my desire to prevent and simplify that experience for others that inspired the idea for SideChef.”

The former game developer wanted to reinvent the cooking process with his new app. Yu compares the app to driving around a new town with a GPS. He said, “We want to make cooking easy and worry-free, similar to using GPS when driving somewhere new. SideChef guides the user through the entire cooking process from aggregating shopping lists to simple step-by-step voice-guided cooking instructions.”

To get started with the app, simply find a recipe you would like to make and get started. SideChef will provide videos of certain techniques, pictures for each step, and a built in timer to tell you how long each step will take.

In his interview with Business Insider, Yu said, “We launched with over 100 recipes, covering a wide range of ethnic regions and dietary preferences, curated from several awesome blogs such as Closet Cooking, Oh Bite It!, and Feed Me Phoebe. All the recipes feature beautiful step-by-step photos and instructions, while the app guides you through the whole process. SideChef also comes with an easy-to-use recipe creator tool that encourages users to upload their own recipes for others to try.”

SideChef is available free for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Featured Image by Jan Kraus on Flickr

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