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Simple Apps to Help Those in Need

“Giving” is a word that can mean so many different things. At its core, giving is “to freely transfer the possession of something to someone.” Whether we give our time, money, or effort to good causes and people in need, we are doing something that can mean the world to someone. Sometimes we can even provide a miracle for those who need just a little bit of kindness in their lives. The most important part of giving is that no matter how small the effort, every single bit of help goes a long way.

Here are three apps that can help you check in and give to charity:

Check-in for Good:

  Check-in for Good is an app that hopes to motivate you to check in – like you would using FourSquare – to raise money for charity. To get started, simply download the app to identify donation hotspots near you and visit any of those locations. Once you visit a location, you can choose your charity and start raising money by checking in.

According to the app’s description, “Check-in for Good is a free crowdfunding app that turns your everyday actions into donations for the causes you care about. Create your own campaign, encourage businesses, friends and social networks to give to your cause, and update supporters on your progress with photos and video. You can also make events to encourage people to give and donate your birthday, a wedding or a holiday to raise money for something you care about. It’s like 4square or Facebook Places for charitable giving!”

Check-in for Good is free for download on Android devices.

Give 2 Charity:

Give 2 Charity is an app that can turn your time into money by converting the amount of time you use your phone into charitable donations. The list of charities the app lets you donate to includes Action Against HungerAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Red CrossASPCAHabitat for HumanityMake-A-WishRMHCSandy Hook PromiseSusan G. Komen, and the Salvation Army.

According to the app, “You can help make an impact in your community by simply going about your day. You earn points daily just for having the Give 2 Charity app on your phone. Earn bonus points by completing surveys, connecting your social networks and referring your friends.”

Give 2 Charity is free for download and available on iOS and Android devices.


GoodSAM is an app that is a little different from the other two apps listed above. It helps you engage in a different act of giving. The app helps to link injured individuals to first aid-trained specialists – or good Samaritans – by allowing “alerters” like you to alert these good Samaritans to nearby accidents. The hope is that by using this type of crowdsourced effort, we can reduce the amount of time it takes for emergency responders to get to an accident site.

“You need to download this app if you are a member of public to call for emergency services and help from nearby qualified Responders. GoodSAM connects those in need with those in the local community with life saving skills to help until the emergency services arrive. By alerting first aid trained bystanders to local incidents, GoodSAM aims to prevent the irreparable brain and heart damage which all too frequently occurs during a cardiac arrest or traumatic incident. Opening an airway and giving basic life support can radically alter the outcome for these patients,” according to the app’s description.

GoodSAM is free for download and available on iOS and Android devices.

Use any one of these apps to level up your humanitarian spirit and help those who truly need it!

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