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Skincare Tips from NYMM

Skincare is not only a relaxing activity for self-care night, but it is also something we should be doing regularly to make sure our skin is… well, taken care of! So, this week at NYMM, some of our interns want to share their tips for a skincare routine. Here are some ways you can play around with your skincare routine!

Alissa (Social Media Marketing): I love to use coconut oil and a washcloth as a makeup remover. A lot of people underestimate the importance of removing makeup but it’s really important and beneficial for your skin to be clean of all the dirt and debris that it collects throughout the day. That being said, I have really sensitive skin and makeup remover wipes tend to dry out my skin and irritate it. So I use, like, a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub it all over my face then wet a washcloth with warm water and gently wipe my face off with it. It acts as a gentle and natural exfoliator and moisturizes as it cleans. It’s also better at removing makeup than anything I’ve ever tried.

Ridhima (Social Media Marketing): I use Witch Hazel toner before I moisturize! It’s a great toner, and really clears up the skin!

Rachel (Editorial): Having clean, clear skin helps make me feel more confident, so I make sure to wash my face every day and exfoliate about twice a week. Outside of this regular routine, I also, like many people, love using face masks! I usually buy face masks in combo packs like this, so that I can not only save money and be fully stocked whenever I want to relax with a mask but also so I can mix things up and have a variety to choose from! My favorite, though, would have to be either the aloe or green tea mask.

Olivia (Chief of Staff): I have combination/oily skin so I use a gentle foaming cleanser and really love the peach & lily sheet masksyou can get basically three uses out of them with all the extra liquid in the bottom of the pouch. Also, I like to use the fresh hydrating rose mask. I think it works best if I put it on after I shower/wash my face and while I’m drying my hair. I feel like the heat from the blow dryer pushes the mask more into my skinit’s more hydrating.

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