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Soon: Bring Your Bucket List to Life


In her book entitled Just One Day, one of Gayle Forman’s characters explains the need for one to write out his or her bucket list. She says, “Don’t worry, I plan on living a long time. Why are you making a bucket list, then? Because if you wait until you’re really dying, it’s too late.”

Bucket lists are a perfect way to get yourself out to see some of the movies you might have missed or check out that new restaurant that opened down the street. But in our busy lives, how do we remember or even make the time to do some of the things we put on our lists? Soon is an app that creates an everyday bucket list just for you. The app arranges your “wants in a list, gives you all the info you need, and keeps track of the stuff you have already done.”

Not only does the app keep track of your list, it also helps you remember and discover more experiences that you might enjoy doing. It reminds you of recent movies, cool new restaurants, new books, and new podcasts to check out.

Carl Anchér, CEO and Co-Founder of Soon told Mashable, “We want to give our users a great tool to plan their next trip, by themselves or with their friends, so that they get the most out of it. A way for them to try new, better, and more exciting places.”

He continued, saying, “Most people only travel a few times a year, but we talk and read and dream about it all the time. We realized that every dinner, Instagram feed and glossy mag is full of inspiration, but it all tends to be lost in space when we finally stand there at the airport. People have all kinds of solutions today, from random notes on your phone to post-its on your fridge to emailing yourself. We simply wanted to create a better way.”

 To get started with the app, simply sign in using an email or Facebook and start looking through the different tabs. The app will show you cool movies, tv shows, podcasts, hotels, bars, clubs, museums, cafes, games, and places that you can add to your to-do list. The app will also show you places and movies that are currently trending. If you want to find and connect with your friends, it canl also keep track of their activities.

Soon allows you to plan out your trips and helps you find hotels, restaurants, hidden clubs, cosy brunch spots, shops, and museums in that area. The app will then place all of these locations into one map.

Soon is free for download and available on iOS devices.

Featured Image by Rex Hammock on Flickr

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