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How to Create a DIY Spa Day

Create your own spa day in your home DIY style!

The coronavirus resulted in businesses shutting down all over the world. Although this was extremely distressing, fear not: there are ways to work around the pandemic. One of the best ways to have a personal day right now is to have a spa day at home

Why have a spa day?

Often we resist treating ourselves because we think we could be doing something more productive. However, this will end up being counterproductive, because if we don’t find ways to chill out and relax, we’ll just work ourselves crazy and burning out. Additionally, spa days are not only about taking it easy! You’ll be doing your body a favor: not only do spa days feel great, but they come with huge benefits. For instance, the benefits of spa treatments include alleviating stress, clearing toxins from skin, and lowering blood pressure.

Step 1: Set the Ambiance

You can try to recreate your favorite spa experience, or you can give yourself full freedom and take charge. Do you want to make it a true spa day? If so, grab a fluffy robe and get ready for full relaxation. In addition, one of the most soothing elements of a spa is the gentle music, so browse through playlists and create your own queue. 

Another essential element of the spa environment is the smells. You can either use essential oils, or pick out some candles that match your spa preference. Finally, consider filling a jug of cold water with cucumbers or a variety of fruits. This will help to recreate the true spa experience while keeping you extra hydrated.

Step 2: DIY it up!

Time to get into the fun stuff! Figure out what you’d like to make by understanding how you want to treat your body. There are various DIY products you can mess around with, including hair treatments, body scrubs, and face creams. Get creative and make a DIY face mask with natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. 

Step 3: Pamper, pamper, pamper!

Everyone pampers themselves in different ways. Furthermore, people often deem “pampering” unnecessary and a waste of time. However, pampering is any form of treating ourselves to what our bodies need; thus, everyone needs some pampering from time to time. Consider giving yourself a mani/pedi, trimming your nails, or using a bath bomb. 

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