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Spend the Day Alone: 10 Ideas

Days to ourselves can be rare, but it is incredibly important to spend time alone! So, when the opportunity arises, make something of it. During quarantine, I’ve had the opportunity to discover many ways of entertaining myself. Here are 10 fun and easy ways to spend time alone.

1. Visit a Museum:

Spending the day alone can be nerve-wracking. If you find it hard to spend time alone, consider checking out a new museum. There, you are never truly alone. However, you can still enjoy time to yourself while exploring and learning. 

2. Explore your Neighborhood 

This is the perfect way to spend time alone. Yet, some people go their whole lives without doing this! It might seem dull, but you never know what you will see. Moreover, you might even find a new hot spot right around the corner. There’s always more exploring to do!

3. Make a Playlist

Sorting through music is an underrated activity. It really can calm nerves and reduce stress. Moreover, it is always fun to find artists and jam to all your new music. Try going out of your comfort zone and mixing up your style. 

4. Declutter

Although it can seem like a dreary task, organizing is extremely beneficial to improving mental health. On the contrary, when you are in a cluttered environment, you likely will feel more stressed about everything else in your life. You can declutter your bathroom, your bedroom, and even your computer.

5. Catch up with Yourself

In a time where technology is overpoweringly prevalent, we are  rarely free from distraction. Spending time alone is a great time to check in with ourselves. Additionally, it allows us time to reflect on all the ups and downs we deal with daily. There are so many ways to do this, such as journaling, meditation, and yoga. Read more here

6. Get Physical!

There are so many fun and unique workouts to consider. Furthermore, you might find a new favorite! Some great workouts to try are pilates, kickboxing, and yoga. Additionally, when you are alone, you will feel less pressures. 

7. Get Crafty with DIYS

DIY home projects are the perfect rainy day activity for when you are alone. They are so much fun and a great way to change up your environment. Additionally, DIY projects can spice up practically anything, such as plain shoes, a bookshelf, or a bedspread. Find ideas here

8. Write a Letter

There is always someone we’d like to catch up with. Whether it is to a family member, an old friend, or yourself, this is a great way to channel your energy and thoughts. 

9. Read

It seems as though when we were kids we had all this time for reading, but now with our busy lives, it’s never possible! Take the time you deserve and catch up on your reading. Check out our recommendations here

10. Watch Guilty Pleasure Shows

We often feel guilty for taking our own time and enjoying ourselves. However, showing yourself kindness is a wonderful form of self-care. Let’s be guilt-free and watch the great TV shows we crave! For anyone who craves cheesy reality shows, check out Love Island.

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