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Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

Spring break is right around the corner for many students—which means throngs of 21-year-old’s will be hopping on flights to Cabo, Cancun, and Miami to go partying. But with fun, exciting vacations comes a hefty bill. But there are ways to spend spring break for less and still have just as good of a time. Spring break at home doesn’t need to be lame or boring. In fact, it’s even more exciting and relaxing than travel. 

Road Trip with Friends 

There are many destinations in the United States worth visiting: between Nashville, Dallas, the Carolinas, and the Jersey Shore, one would be surprised by how easy and affordable a driving trip can be. If you and your friends split the gas costs and opt for an Airbnb instead of a pricey hotel, you’ll be saving a ton! Other pro-tips include making stops at landmarks and destinations on the way to your final stop and saving by cooking together instead of eating out. 

Go to a Local Concert 

If you decide to stay in your area or on your college campus for spring break, there are many ways to break out of the comfort zone of your normal day-to-day and enjoy the area! Most college campuses have concert venues and artists that pass through—so explore some new music! Even if your favorite band isn’t playing, find a new artist and some new music to enjoy that you wouldn’t otherwise. 

Explore Your Area

If you decide to stay at home for spring break, try to explore parts of your area you’ve never before seen. Between outdoor opportunities, cultural sites, and restaurants you’ve never been to before, it’s interesting and exciting to step out of your comfort zone and see some part of your town or city’s history that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

All-Inclusive Packages 

There are many companies that offer all-inclusive spring break packages, if you decide you want to travel for as inexpensive as possible. These packages often include lodging, foods and drinks, entrance to bars and beaches, and sometimes even travel costs! If you’re willing to look around for them, there are many deals that can help make that tropical vacation a bit more affordable. 

Day Trips 

If you are staying home and want to experience a bordering state or town, consider a day trip! Find a place that’s within three or four driving hours, grab some friends and plan a day in a place you’ve never before seen. There’s so much opportunity and unique location waiting for you to come find—research bordering areas and see what piques your interest!

Treat yourself 

If you’re saving money by staying home for spring break, plan something fun and exciting with your friends that you wouldn’t do otherwise. Splurge on a spa day or a massage, go out to your favorite restaurant or go see a live play! There are tons of opportunities to treat yourself to something special if you’re saving the money of travel and lodging by staying at home.

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