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Spring Breakers: Volunteer Edition

One of the biggest travel seasons of the year occurs during spring break. According to the Chicago Tribune, in a 2015 survey, over half of college students planned on hitting the road for their week(ish) long vacation.

Many of these students spent hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars to party in various places, often times placing themselves in danger related to irrational behaviors and binge drinking. While partying during spring break isn’t a unanimously bad choice, some may find themselves making poor decisions.

If you are somebody who is looking for a change of pace during their vacation, but also may want to see someplace new, keep an eye out for Alternative Spring Breaks (ASBs). According to the United Way, ASBs are a “highly immersive week of service projects, leadership-building and relationship-building,” which give students an opportunity to positively impact communities at home and abroad. Here are a few amazing organizations that students can spend time with during their spring breaks!


Break A Difference

Break A Difference, or BAD as they refer to themselves, aims to “strategically engag[e] individuals and institutions through service to make positive impacts in communities and on those who serve.” Founded in 2013, the organization goes on multiple service trips throughout the year and is partnered with the United Way, as well as Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Each trip will involve leaders in multiple different service projects based on the area they’ll be travelling to. Spring programs include trips to New Orleans, LA, Fort Hood, TX, and San Francisco, to name just a few.


Projects Abroad

Interested in making a difference overseas? Projects Abroad may be for you! The ASB program features destinations around the world, so those interested in travel should take notice. Programs vary by country and include building projects, public health assistance, and volunteering in schools and orphanages. Locations offered this spring include Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, Ghana, Fiji, and Argentina. Projects Abroad also hosts many other international volunteering opportunities as well as internships abroad.


International Volunteer HQ

Yet another option for those who wish to help out abroad, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) has plenty of fun and engaging trips for spring breakers. From teaching english in Ecuador and Costa Rica, medical service in Guatemala, construction in Peru, or youth support in Portugal, there are a plethora of different trips at reasonable price ranges. Take every advantage you can to apply as soon as possible to make sure you can attend one of these amazing trips!

Regardless of what you plan to do during your break or where you decide to do it, make sure you are receiving your money’s worth and making amazing memories. There is no right or wrong place to attend, especially with ASBs, as you’ll be sure to make a difference wherever you happen to go. Whatever you do, make sure you plan ahead for a safe, fun, and rewarding spring break!

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