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Squish Away Stress

For your next DIY, we’ve got instructions on how to make something that your senses will thank you for: anti-stress lavender putty!

The lavender scent of the putty helps calm your nerves, while the putty’s de-stressing squishes add to the experience. Follow along with the DIY video created by HelloGiggles (and also take note of the creator’s lovely nails).

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties. It has been used to ease anxiety, and it is a natural stress reliever. Lavender aromatherapy can also help boost your mood, and get you a better night’s rest!

To get started, combine half of a small bowl-full of flour, and half of a small bowl-full of salt. Add ½ cup of cream of tartar, a large teaspoon of oil, and 5-7 drops of lavender essential oil.

Add half a measuring cup full of boiling water and stir thoroughly. Once you have something that looks like clay, add in a pinch of food coloring of your choice of color. HelloGiggles utilized purple food coloring to compliment the lavender.

Mix the goo up until the color is fully soaked in. Here come the beautifying details! Add a dash of glitter, enough so that the sparkles are visible throughout your putty. Mix well and then wait 20 minutes or until the putty has cooled.

Take a look at your malleable masterpiece, and get a sneak peek of what it should look like here! Now you have a great de-stressing tool to shape however your heart desires.

Have fun with your new main squeeze! Sorry, had to.

Featured Image by Tony Donnelly on Flickr

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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