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Emma Stone and Brie Larson are Friendship Goals

In any industry, it can be hard to avoid competition between co-workers. In Hollywood, this reality is taken
to an extreme, as stars vie for the same roles and awards on an international stage. Because of this, it is not uncommon to hear about rivalries between actresses. Along with this natural sense of competition, the media often amplifies situations to pit women against one another. There are so many examples of this, such as the supposed feud between
Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed. Though the two women are actually good friends, they have often been the subjects of nasty rumors about a supposedly bitter rivalry.

Amidst all of the negative portrayal of women in the media, it was so refreshing to see Brie Larson and Emma Stone at the Oscars. Their display of friendship goals was the subject of a lot of news, which was great to see.

Stone won the Oscar for best actress for her role as Mia in La La Land. Larson had previously won the same award for her role in the film Room. When the two women saw each other backstage after Stone’s win, Larson immediately burst into tears. When they embraced each other, Emma was heard saying, “Oh, now I’ll start to cry.” The emotional embrace was an incredible example of two talented women putting friendship above all else.

Later that night, Larson posted a picture to Instagram captioned, “You know what’s better than winning? Watching your friends win.” After both actresses had finished crying, they left together, likely to head to a fabulous party.

It is so refreshing to see such a show of love and support in the news, as opposed to the usual sensationalized stories of women tearing each other down. Stone and Larson are an incredible example of how important it is to empower one another. As women, we all have the responsibility to build each other up and support each other. The most important thing we can do is stick together so that we can all make progress. Maybe now is a good opportunity to follow these actresses’ leads and go tell your best friend that you support her.

Featured Image by Disney | ABC Television Group on Flickr
Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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