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Stress-relieving Deals of the Week

Ever wondered why you feel so down-in-the-dumps around this time of year? Science may have the answer. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a real thing that affects plenty of people year round. It contributes to our dip in mood. Researchers say that the best way to fight SAD is to partake in as many stress-relieving opportunities as possible. This week, enjoy some great stress relievers in the New York City area in order to combat the winter blues!

Seaweed or Mud Wrap or Sugar Scrub with Express Facial and Chocolate Mask

Spas are usually the first place that comes to mind when someone thinks of the term “relax.” Many people swear by spas as the place they go to wind down. Unfortunately, a lot of people find them to be a bit too pricey. For those of you concerned with saving some coins, today’s your lucky day. This Groupon deal has your choice of a full body seaweed wrap, a mud wrap, or sugar scrub for 59 percent off at Organic Element Spa NY. If there were any time to think about going to a spa, it is now!

Chiropractic Package with Exam and Adjustment(s) at Chiropractor Back Care of NYC

Sticking close to the spa theme, Chiropractor Back Care of NYC is offering a deal so great that you may bend over backwards with joy! The remaining deals, which are now currently over 91 percent off, grant you an examination and your choice of 1 and 3 adjustments via massage. On Groupon, the package with one adjustment costs 29 dollars, and the package with three costs 39 dollars; both are extremely generous discounts! This is a deal you simply don’t want to miss out on.

4 or 10 Kickboxing Classes with Personal-Training Session and Boxing Gloves

While violence isn’t the answer, it may do you some good in the area of stress relief. Totally kidding (kinda). is offering two deals on Groupon; one deal includes four classes, one personal training session, and a pair of gloves, while the other deal raises the number of classes to ten. They’re priced at 30 dollars and 50 dollars, respectively. Learn kickboxing techniques from trained instructors and relieve some stress while you’re also working out. Seems like a win-win, right? Take advantage of this deal soon, as deals are being purchased quickly and they will only be listed for a limited time.

The “winter blues” aren’t an easy time for many of us. We hate going out in the cold, and we miss looking at the sun. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to keep stress levels at a minimum, and these deals, along with everyone’s favorite stress reliever, saving money, are a great opportunity to do just that.

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