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Stylish and Easy Fall Wardrobe DIYs

Although the chilly weather from last week seems to have subsided, unfortunately, it won’t be gone forever. So, let’s explore some fall wardrobe and sneaker DIYs that’ll spruce up your gear and keep you cozy and chic once crisper weather fully arrives!

Stylish Scarf DIY

Nothing ties an outfit together like the perfect scarf (that was an unintentional pun). To help add some new styles into our scarf-artillery, we bring you the braided scarf DIY, courtesy of YouTube channel MayBay.

You will need two scarfs, or just two pieces of fabric that you like that compliment each other. In the center of the first scarf, tie a knot around it using the second scarf. From here, just start braiding. Once the braid is finished, re-attach the braided section to the remaining end of the fabric. Connect the two by simply sewing them together, or even with a twist tie! The finished product looks great and allows you an effortless layered look that is perfect for autumn.

Knit Beanie DIY

Here’s another super easy DIY from MayBay! Do you have an old knit sweater that’s stained or torn – one that is basically not fit for use? Here’s the perfect way to make use of it anyway.

Starting from the bottom of the sweater, cut out a beanie shape, making sure to cut a little bit larger than usual, as later steps will cause some shrinkage. Next, cut another beanie shape from the bottom of the sweater. Lastly, on the side that you’d like to be the outside of the beanie, use a hot glue gun on the outer edges of one of your cut pieces, excluding the bottom. Attach your second piece onto your first, and once the glue has dried, flip your new beanie inside out! It looks just as good as a store bought one. Check out the final look here.

Gucci Sneaker DIY

You may have seen Gucci’s popular new sneakers all over Instagram – white sneakers with floral embroidery. They’re undoubtedly very cute, but if you can’t spend brand-name level prices on them, here’s how to make your own! We thank YouTuber Cassandra for this lovely video.

You’ll need a pair of white, Adidas-looking superstar sneakers; anything with a capped-toe and side panel space will work. You will also need some embroidery! Any design you like is fine, but if you’re going for the Gucci look, red roses would be ideal! Be sure to grab some matte, muted-color ribbons that match the colors of your embroidery as well. You will also need Fabric Fusion glue, which sells for $7 at Michaels! (Was I alone in thinking the name “Fabric Fusion” would entail higher pricing?)

In total, Cassandra remarks that all of her materials, including the shoes, only cost her $26! Line up a piece of copy paper with the outside panel of your sneaker, and cut it out. Make sure the shapes match up to the real thing and use the paper as a reference. Mark on your paper where you’d like to place your ribbon, and cut your ribbon accurately to match. Do this twice for both sides of your shoe. Clean up the edges of the ribbons as needed, and glue it right to your shoe!

The shoes look great with just the ribbon, and if you choose, you can leave them like this as well. If you still want the embroidered look, take your time and map out where you’d like to glue on your embroidery. After this, control is all yours. Design your shoes how you’d like! I personally love how Cassandra’s came out.

Although nobody ever really wants summertime to come to a close, here’s to giving yourself some new stylish pieces to look forward to once the leaves start turning! Also, can’t say I’m not excited for Halloween, too.

Featured Image by Julia on Flickr

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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