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T-Shirt Cutting DIYs for Stylish New Looks

If you have a bunch of old T-shirts and wouldn’t mind giving a few of them a new, revamped look, then these DIYs will be perfect for you! This week, we’ve compiled a few tutorials courtesy of YouTube that teach you exactly how to cut new life into some old shirts.

Choker T-Shirt

This project is super easy, and the choker T-shirt is currently very popular – a win-win!

On your T-shirt of choice, trace out a v-neck and cut out the shape while taking care to keep the shirt’s collar intact. Clean up any loose edges with your scissors, and then tug lightly at the finished product to give it a more natural look. Check out YouTube user There She Goes’ video for the process, although this DIY is pretty much one step! If you’d like to take it further, you can also cut the v-neck into the back of the T-shirt as well, while still allowing the collar of the shirt to remain.

Cut-Up Back Tee

For this DIY, start by cutting the sleeves off of your shirt, and then fold the shirt in half. Make cuts up the entirety of the folded section, with each cut being shorter than the one before it.

Lay out the shirt so you can see all of your cuts, and then stretch them all out slightly to create the desired look. Here comes the tricky part: with your first cut strip, you’re going to make a loop and then pull the next strand through it. Then, with that strand, you make a new loop and repeat the process. Definitely check out creator Leila Ramos’ video for step-by-step visuals of this effect!

Finish off this look by knotting the shirt at the bottom. If your final product comes out like Leila’s, it’s sure to be a triumphant DIY moment.

The Cold Shoulder Shirt

This look works best with a long-sleeved shirt. Cut along the neckline toward the armpit seam, and then move about four inches down the sleeve from this initial cut and make a new cut. Connect the two and remove the front layer of fabric.

Next, cut a straight line down the shoulder seam of your initial cuts, and use this patch of fabric as a stencil for the other shoulder. Repeat the steps and also continue on the back. Creator Carah Amelie has a great video detailing this DIY.

These projects are great for a rainy day, and will give you at least three new looks for a sunny one.

Featured Image by Stacie on Flickr

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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