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Thanksgiving Recipes Your Guests will Drool Over

The traditional Thanksgiving recipes can get boring every year. Check out these recipes to find out how to put a spin on the old fashioned turkey and cranberry sauce.

1.Sweet Potato Biscuits

What is a Thanksgiving dinner spread without biscuits? Meet the newly designed biscuit recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth. Be sure to prepare honey butter to compliment. Your guests will eat them as fast as you put them down.

2.Hibiscus Cranberry Sauce

The tea lovers will adore this recipe. Why go with the store-bought jelly slabs of cranberry sauce when you can make it from scratch? The touch of hibiscus emphasizes the flavors of the cranberries and pairs perfectly with your turkey or meat of choice.

3.Cauliflower Mash

Sometimes, potatoes can be heavy on the plate and stomach. Lighten the load a bit with this equally delicious alternative. For the ones watching their carbs, this side is perfect and guilt-free.

4.Honey Balsamic Brussels

Whoever made you believe brussels sprouts were inedible, try these. Everyone will has stringed beans and collards on their table but a unique vegetable you can plenty of fun with are these mini cabbages. Once you place them on the table, you’ll glance back they’ll be gone.

5.Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Regular bread pudding is outdated. In the Fall season, everything must be pumpkin-infused. Check out this recipe for putting a pumpkin spiced twist on a classic southern comfort dessert. Everyone will be rubbing their bellies after this one.

6.Apple Cider Roast Turkey Breast

If you’re really into holiday drinks, combine some apple cider with your main entrée. Apple cider creates the perfect glaze for your turkey with sweet and savory flavors. Using turkey breasts cuts down some of the prep and cook time. So long 5-hour roasting.

7.Cajun-spiced Turkey

If you’re dying for a trip to New Orleans, you might as well bring the food to you. There’s no harm in adding a southern spin on some classic Thanksgiving dishes. Try out this turkey recipe and you might add an etouffee on the side.  

8.Citrus Glazed Cornish Hen

Informally known as the baby chicken, Cornish hens are perfect for a small Thanksgiving dinner. The tangy glaze adds a bit of sweetness to the dish. With these, you never have to worry about dry or tough meat. Save your basting for the turkey.

9.Bourbon Pecan Pie

Everything is more fun when bourbon is involved. Check out this recipe fusing your classic Thanksgiving pecan pie with a boozy twist. Perfect for a Friendsgiving and a sweet especially for the adults. A little whisky never hurt anyone.

10.Personalized Apple Pies

Imagine a dessert that requires less mess at dinner time and is certain to have some leftover the next day. Why bother making a whole bunch of pies when you can make them small and easy to grab for your dinner guests. Also, since there aren’t many guests, it is an fun and convenient alternative.

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