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The Best Board Games to Play in Quarantine

Many of us have dusted off the childhood board games of our past to help pass the time. Here’s our compiled list of the best board games to pass the time in quarantine.

As a society, we’ve all been looking for ways to pass the time during quarantine. For some of us, this has amounted to binge-watching, reading, baking, at-home exercises, and art projects. For others, we’ve been looking for fun and exciting ways to spend time with family and roommates who we’ve been quarantined with for the past few weeks. 

Many of us have dusted off the childhood board games of our past, funny card games, and interactive iPhone games to help pass the time. Perhaps, it’s taken quarantine to realize the worth in all the board games we’ve collected over the years. Here’s our compiled list of the best board games to pass the time in quarantine. 

1. Sorry!

A classic for all ages, Sorry! has been known to help improve math skills, and is a great option for children 6 years and up. The game requires about 2-4 players and around 30 minutes minimum to play. The math-focused, easy to play classic’s objective is for each player to move the 4 individual pieces under their control from the START to HOME by cards drawn from the pack.  

2. Catan 

A game that is completely dedicated to clever skills, strategy and tactics, Catan puts you on the coast of an uncharted island with the goal of settling the island first. The game can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, and often requires 3-4 people. Gaining supremacy on Catan is the goal of the game and strategy is necessary for success. 

3. Monopoly

Perhaps the most infamous board game, Monopoly is a crowd-pleaser for all ages It doesn’t discriminate against age, and is an excellent way to pass time, being that it’s almost without end, and can continue for as long as you want. 

4. Code Names

A card game designed for 4-10 players, Code Names is a word game for clever thinkers. To play, the players split into two groups. Each group selects a Spymaster (an outlying individual) who gives one-word clues to their team that can point to words on a hidden board. The objective is to guess the words and avoid the words of the other team. Tricky and mind-boggling, this game is an exercise for your brain.

5. Psych!

A free download from the Apple store, PSYCH!, allows all players to make up answers to trivia questions from a variety of categories. “The Truth Comes Out” is one category, in which the game circulates the player’s first names through questions which the other players will answer. Hilarious and silly, Psych! passes the time easily and can be played over Zoom or FaceTime as well.  

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