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The Best Fall TV Shows You Can Binge Right Now

Bored at home or too cold to go out? Start a new television series! We looked at the latest TV shows to debut this fall and picked out our top five. Bonus –– they’re all either directed, produced, or written by women!


Netflix’s new superhero action series is an adaptation of Dennis Liu’s 2015 graphic novel of the same name. A classic story about the love between a mother and her son, the show follows a single mom as she raises her young son with growing superpowers. It was developed and produced by Carol Barbee, a noted television writer and producer known for her work on the films Jericho and Die Hard 2. 


Noga Landau, a seasoned TV writer and producer, just put a twist on the classic Nancy Drew novels. The original 16-year-old heroine turns into a high-school graduate on her way to college in the CW adaptation. When her college plans are put on hold, the slueth must work with friends to  investigate a murder in her hometown. The show is also executive-produced by a team of four women!


John Green’s cult YA novel has recently been turned into a Hulu series after years of fan anticipation. The limited series features several episodes written by Stephanie Savage, the same producer who co-created Gossip Girl and is a producer on Nancy Drew. She will also be an executive producer on a Gossip Girl spinoff series set to debut in 2020.


This Netflix debut stars Paul Rudd as a copywriter living with an improved clone of himself. The comedy-drama is produced and co-written by Valerie Faris, a film director who has won several awards for her directorial work on the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine. Her work outside of television and film has earned her two Grammys; most notably for directing Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 music video. 


Another adaptation from a comic book series, Stumptown centers on a PTSD-afflicted Marine veteran who turns to private investigating in order to take care of her younger brother. How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulders dominates the screen in this ABC series set in Portland, Oregon. It is produced by Vail Romeyn, a Hollywood luminary who has managed production on Batman Begins and several X-Men movies. 

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