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The Hawaiian Island of Oahu’s Stonehenge was a Place of Royal Birthing

Women have the amazing ability to give birth and become mothers. They have the incredible opportunity to give life to a new being and raise a child. For some people, especially those in ancient tribes, the miracle of life is a sacred event that must be cherished.

On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, there is an area that is said to possess a strong force of life that beckons many mothers of powerful families to visit here and to give birth to their children here. According to Atlas Obscura, “when a new chief was to be born, the mother would be brought to the rocks and under the watch of anywhere from 36 to 48 chiefs, the birth would take place.”

This site was chosen specifically for the births of royal families because the spiritual energy in the area was immensely strong. According to Ancient Origins, the strong spiritual energy of this area would cause the “children born there would be blessed in their lives ahead, and would have prosperous reigns.”

“It was believed that the Kukaniloko Birthing Site possessed a great amount of spiritual energy. This in turn meant that the children born there would be recognized by the gods, and that they were certain to attain high status in life, as well as experience a prosperous reign,” Ancient Origins reports.

Stones were placed around this area, where the births would occur. “The Kukaniloko Birth Stones, a verdant field dotted with pohaku (rocks), is said to have the power to ease the pain of childbirth, and is considered to be the most sacred site in central Oahu,” according to Olukai.

Although no one can confirm if giving birth at the site truly does alleviate the pain of childbirth, these mothers of ancient Hawaii faithfully make the trek to the sacred site with the belief that the rocks swept away all their pain of childbirth.

The placement of the rocks seems to be purposeful and allows the site to be named as Hawaii’s Stonehenge. Olukai notes that “the Kukaniloko Birth Stones consist of two rows of a total of 18 lava rocks, which once encircled a single, central birthing stone.”

Although the site of the Kukaniloko Birth Stones is largely embraced as an ancient site of birthing, it served many additional purposes. “The important spot was also home to a number of battles between tribes that would decide the fates of their entire communities,” according to Atlas Obscura.

Recently, it has been discovered that the placement of the stones may have some connection to astrology. According to Only in Your State, “a team from the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy recorded shapes and designs on the stones that may have been used to track the movements of celestial objects for calendrical purposes.”

The incredible historical and sacred area of the birthing stones is a particularly significant monument on the island of Oahu. Not only has it made possible contributions to astronomy, but it also served as a battle zone for ancient Hawaiian tribes.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the Kukaniloko Birth Stones is that it allowed women a sacred place to give birth, a place where they could exercise their important roles in society, a place where they could be strong and be women.

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