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Things Women Do that are a ‘Mood’

Women have similar habits when it comes to making themselves feel better. Whether routine or random, little things have the power to change our whole mood. 

1.Random Tattoo/Piercing

Are you sad? Bored? Need something new to enjoy in life? You may be considering a tattoo. For some reason new ink or gems ease the impact of a gloomy mood. Think before you act! You don’t want to regret it the next day.

2.Angry Music for Sad Feels

Words of validation may be in the form of song. You may not even relate to the song, but it still makes you feel better listening to someone be angry at another someone. The expression in the lyrics lifts you into a better mood and simultaneously makes you feel like the champion of your emotions.

3.Coloring Your Hair

Another craving for something new and self-expressive dies down to the dye in your hair. Who doesn’t want to look in the mirror and see something different? Be careful with chemicals, of course. Keep your beautiful strands healthy.

4.Reorganizing Things that Don’t Need Reorganizing

How you had things set in your space was just fine but reorganizing when you’re in a mood is too tempting to dismiss. You will likely end up back at square one but at least you tried looking at things from a different perspective.


Whether you burn sage or light a candle, setting the vibe in your room takes you into a realm of peace. The little things can make a big effect. 

6.Hand in Your Bra for Comfort

There’s something about the warmth your chest radiates. Or may not even be anything at all. You probably don’t even realize your hand is in your shirt. But regardless, it’s comfortable and provides some odd sense of security.

7.Mini Spa Session

Painting your nails, shaving your legs or breaking out the Bath and Body Works lotion you still have from two years ago all boost your mood. Pampering yourself is an easy pleasure. 

8.Justifying Spending Money as “Self-Care”

No, you probably didn’t need to spend your money on whatever you just binged on. However, you told yourself you deserved it. That you needed it. So, when your package arrives you feel less guilty. There’s no problem until it becomes a habit. 

9.Starting with a Glass of Wine then Upgrading to the Bottle

You grabbed a glass to wind down from whatever periled your day. Then, suddenly, you and your bottle of Moscato are chilling on the couch watching Netflix. 

10.Random Naps

The littlest things can kill your mood and make you want to wrap up the day early. Maybe you’re tired of work or they killed off your favorite TV show character. The only thing to do is grab your comfy blanket and kill a few hours dreaming away the pain. No matter what anyone says, naps are productive.

Featured Image by Elle Hughes on Pexels.

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