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Tia: The Women’s Health App You’ve Been Waiting For

Today, it seems like there are countless apps on the market for consumers to use. If you can think it, there is an app for it. But what about one that is just for women, particularly young women, who have questions about their health?

We’ve all been there, searching frantically online for answers about an itch, or a spot, that wasn’t there before. Googling for medical advice will only make you crazy, and WebMD will probably tell you that you are going to die, when in reality it’s just a freckle on your arm.

Luckily, this app is providing a space for women to find the answers that they need.

Tia is the perfect women’s health app. It is a personal, private, chat-based assistant that you can message with questions about birth control and sexual health. No usernames, passwords, or emails are necessary since your Tia account is connected through your phone number. The best part – it’s completely free!

Made by a team of women’s health experts, Tia knows you, learns you, and can become your go-to for any sexual health questions or concerns. The app is run in part by the “Wing Women” who answer questions and also by the machine bot, Tia. The more questions you ask her, the better she understands you.

Their mission is to help every woman make confident, independent and informed decisions about her own body, health, and life. While the app is not a substitute for medical help or diagnosis, you will be getting solid information from individuals who know about women’s health rather than just shouting into the void for answers.

The app is created to be fun and very user-friendly. It features a surprising amount of emojis, and a funny, casual dialogue. Don’t let that fool you though. Behind the fun demeanor is solid advice for women in need.

Some of the features included are: birth control recommendations and reminders, personal chats with medical professionals, and a doctor locator for your insurance network. Their birth control algorithm is designed in collaboration with their medical advisors and adheres to the CDC’s guidelines for contraceptives. Tia is also in tune with your preferences and remembers which methods you have liked and disliked in the past.

When using Tia, it is important to note that it is not a resource to use in an emergency. However, Tia will recommend hotlines to users if it senses that you are in a dangerous situation. 

One drawback, however, is that Tia is only available in the US and on iPhones. The company is currently looking to branch out to other countries and devices to help more women. With Tia, the benefits largely outweigh the few downsides. This comfortable resource allows for judgement-free questions, and is perfect for millennial women.  

Featured Image by Sarah Mirk on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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    Janice Henshaw

    August 14, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Wow! Who would have thought we’d come to this! Let’s hope young women really check out this App. Good information and well written
    Thank you,

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