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Tips and Tricks to Using LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Are you wondering just how much it can really do for you? If so, the answer is, a lot, especially if you follow these tips and tricks.

LinkedIn with Louise, an executive resume writer at Blue Sky Resumes, has created a regimen called “9 Minute Tips” that you can use to land that ideal career, impress your boss, and even achieve a promotion. An outline by Hearst Empowering Women in its article Land your Dream Job” brings these tips to you.

The idea of 9 Minute Tips is that you allot 9 minutes a day to performing one of the suggested tips, each of which have been noted to propel you closer to your goals. The time-friendliness of “9 Minute Tips” makes them unintimidating and allows for instant gratification. Here are some of the suggested activities that you can easily work into your assigned 9 minutes a day to get started!

Build Your Network: “Building and maintaining relationships is a major component of a successful career. Maintain relationships by recommending and congratulating others in their careers – everyone enjoys being recognized.” Within 9 minutes you can build a respectful acquaintance-ship by simply being nice, and in turn this contact may come to help you in the future, or even alert you to other opportunities. Positive energy is powerful, and it makes for a great virtual environment.

Request and Document: Make sure to request recommendations from networks that you’ve worked with in the past, and make sure to document your achievements together on your LinkedIn profile, which should remain relevant and up-to-date.

Use Your Resources: Use the power of technology to your advantage, and don’t neglect your skills! Publish an article on your own blog and mention it on your profile, lead a forum on a LinkedIn group, or even create a video bio of yourself to add something new to your profile! Make use of your own abilities.

Last But Not Least, Research: Make the effort to get to know more about partners, competitors, or future employment agencies. Stand out with your knowledge, and impress with the fact that you took the extra time to learn and master your stuff.

LinkedIn is a free resource, so use it to your own advantage! Sign up or sign in and get started… we’re rootin’ for you!

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