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Top 10 Women’s Organizations Making Moves during COVID-19

The pandemic has revived issues of sexism and discrimination inside and outside of the country. Check out these organizations actively making a difference to change the tide for women and girls.

1.She Should Run

During a time when women are needed more than ever in office, She Should Run continues to encourage women to pursue their political aspirations. Sen. Kamala Harris showed she could do it. Now, She Should Run has only increased their momentum to form initiatives encouraging women to run for office and get involved in local government.

2.People Serving Girls at Risk

PSGR is dedicated toward protecting little girls abroad from prostitution, sex trafficking and early arranged marriages. Currently, girls at risk are stuck in their homes due to COVID-19 and potentially with dangerous men. More girls are getting married off for the sake of relieving their families from a burden. PSGR stays determined to help protect those girls, even during this trying time.


This organization provides girls with the tools they need to make a smooth transition from college to their careers. The pandemic has stalled many opportunities for women attempting to enter the world field. Built By Girls is actively helping young women push forward and keep momentum.


Another organization advocating for women’s equality in government, UltraViolet has been working toward changing the media’s perception of women and society’s treatment of women. Besides the major plagues impaling the country, sexual assault and sexism continue to run rampant. UltraViolet’s initiatives will continue to shine light on these issues and fight for reform.

5.UN Women

Connecting with women all across the globe, they make it their mission to increase the safety and well-being of women. UN Women performed research to find the true numbers in how COVID-19 affected genders and communicated with governments to figure out how to best handle the crisis with inclusivity. Also, they have been actively providing aid to the women in Lebanon affected by the explosion.

6.Equality Now

Equality Now has also been outspoken on the issue of gender inequality during the pandemic. Along with that, they are committed to establishing women’s rights around the world and providing resources for women and girls who have experienced sexual assault.


Even as every building and in-person meeting has been closed, Women Rising still offers their resources to women in need online. Assisting women to get on their feet and overcome financial troubles, their advocacy is much needed during this time when many women are struggling.


Also accommodating to the shift to virtual communication, LiveGirl has continued working to build girls into strong leaders by offering programs to equip girls with the tools they need to take on the world by storm. Members receive mentorship and learn skills they need for approaching college and adulthood.

9.The Melanin Collective

This organization stays dedicated toward improving work environments to empower women of color and gender non-conforming people of color. They create a space for WOC and gender non-conforming POC to be themselves as well as provide solutions to injustice in the office.

10.The Malala Fund

Fighting against discrimination keeping girls from going to school, Malala Fund advocates for making education available to girls in thousands of countries including Brazil and Pakistan. Now more than ever, girls are in need of access to technology to stay in school amidst the pandemic.

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