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Ubering Alone 101: Easy Safety Precautions for Women

Last Thursday, the CDC stated that people who have been fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks and social distance. As the world starts to open up again and people slowly start to return to their usual pre-pandemic activities, it’s important for women to stay vigilant and continue to take measures to protect their own safety, not just from COVID, but from predators. Ubers and Lyfts will likely see an uptick in the months to come as more people are going out to the bars and parties. Here are some easy safety precautions you can take so you can be the most prepared for when you start opening up again.

Request your ride before you leave the function and don’t wait outside.

Instead of waiting until you’re already outside of the bar to order a ride, do so while you’re still inside and only come out once the car is there. It’s better to wait inside with a group of people than outside on the street. Plus, you can potentially avoid creepy catcallers (yikes)!

Try not to ride alone.

You should always try and split an Uber with your friends before you ever order a ride alone. Sharing an Uber with people you trust is the easiest way to prevent anything bad from happening. You can add multiple stops to your trips anyways in case you and your friends need to be dropped off at different locations. Plus, it’s likely cheaper than all ordering separate ones!

Ask for the driver’s name BEFORE you get into the car.

There have been multiple instances where women will enter a car they think is their Uber, but instead get kidnapped or killed. While this is a worst-case scenario, it’s always smart to ask the driver their name before you enter their vehicle. The driver’s name is listed in the app, so before you get in, make sure the name they say matches the one on the app.

Share your location with someone you trust.

I always think it’s a good idea to share your location with everyone you go out with in order to ensure that everyone makes it home safely. You can share a ride status with your friends through the rideshare app, but sometimes the Find My Friends application on iPhone is simpler since it runs in the background and you don’t need to remember to turn it on when you get into the car. In the same vein, always go out with a fully charged phone! Your friends can’t track you if your phone is dead

Pay attention to your surroundings during the ride.

Always keep your eyes up during a ride, especially if you’re alone. Make sure they aren’t taking any shady routes to your destination and stay alert in case they make a wrong turn. Being observant and following your intuition are just small steps you can take in the name of your own safety.

Photo by Thought Catalog via Unsplash.

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