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Virginia Beach Prosecutor’s Office Campaign to End Domestic Violence

Colin Stolle, Virginia Beach prosecutor, is taking a stand against domestic violence. Recently, Stolle’s office has created a campaign to fight violence in domestic partnerships.  

Relationships are complex, and the campaign addresses some of the hardships that prevent people from getting out of abusive relationships. It is stated that about a quarter of the people killed in the city over the past two years were killed by someone they loved.

This is an issue that needs more education and awareness. It must be known that there are numerous ways that victims can receive help and support in their community.

Domestic violence is physical abuse against a family or household member. It impacts people of any age or background and often it is difficult to be aware that someone who has fallen victim to domestic violence.

This is where Stolle wants to make a difference. “Domestic violence is a very real problem happening in our community every day,” Stolle said in a statement announcing the campaign. “The number of domestic related homicides in our city is alarming, and it is important that the public know there are ways out before it reaches that point.”

Stolle says that victims are often reluctant to come forward and report abuse, and many struggle with participating in the prosecution of their loved ones.

A huge part of the campaign is a 30-second public service announcement that sheds light on the challenges that victims face. This video will air on local television stations in Virginia Beach movie theatres in the coming weeks.  

Stolle is striving to let the community know that they are not alone, and that there are resources available to help. It is often very difficult for domestic violence victims to come forward, so this campaign can really help save a lot of people who are currently struggling.

When people are put into life threatening situations, it is essential for them to have a way out. Showing them that they are not alone and bringing attention to this serious crime can help encourage people to come forward and reach out for the help that they need.

Samaritan House Crisis Response Hotline is a system monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Victims who are looking for help are encouraged to call this hotline at 757-430-2120.

In a statement it was said that Commonwealth’s attorneys in Virginia have recently tried more than 1,500 domestic violence cases a year, despite the fact that they are not required to prosecute misdemeanor domestic violence cases.

Stolle hopes that this campaign that his office has launched will positively impact those who are struggling and will help eliminate the reluctance that victims have for coming forward and getting the help that they need.

Spreading awareness and bringing these tough situations into a conversation can go a long way. These kinds of initiatives are what can and will save the lives of many people suffering from abusive and violent relationships with a loved one.

If you or a loved one is struggling with domestic violence, you can find more information on receiving help here.

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