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A Day in the Life of Vooray Aria Tote Bag

have a confession to make: I’ve been using tote bags as purses, well, for years now. It started on a summer day when I wanted a bag to hold all my belongings, be light, and not stick to my skin. I also wanted a bag that I could put on the ground anywhere in NYC, and then just wash it. I used a fabric tote bag with no pockets or zippers that I had been given. And before I knew it, that random choice became a lifestyle. Over the past two years… actually, five years, I’ve roughly used 12 to 15 tote bags as purses.

But alas, I’ve found The One.

In the black Vooray Aria tote I’ve not only found what appealed to me in all those other totes, but I’ve also found what was missing from my purse life.


When I use a random tote bag, I don’t get the structure of a purse. The Vooray Aria tote has the construction of a purse, meaning it doesn’t fall on itself like a pancake. It stands upright without falling over; even the handles stay up. So if I’m sitting down and I place it by my feet in a crowded restaurant, my favorite lipgloss won’t roll out and be lost to me forever. Also, the leather base is waterproof in case someone spills a drink near me or I get caught in rain.

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!

And zippers! While it is a light tote, the Aria tote has SOOOO MUCH storage. To a New Yorker, that’s magic.

In this tote, I packed my 16 lipsticks/lip glosses/lip treatments, iPad, wallets, iPhone, random papers, keys, hand cream, water bottle, umbrella, as well as all the shopping I accumulated throughout the day.  

You could also fit a laptop and a yoga mat into this bag, but the gym and I broke up a few years ago so I choose to use my Aria for less abusive outings.


People no longer look at me with judgement in their eyes. With its gorgeous black chicness, this tote easily passes as an actual purse. No one needs to know that I have half the contents of my apartment in my bag.


I was able to go from home to work to running errands without straps falling from my shoulders, things falling out of my tote purse, or the need to carry additional bags. I even stuffed it into a locker several times and it never lost its shape!

Lack of Shame

I no longer have bag shame. When people see me walking the streets of New York, I no longer look like a bag lady. I am now a chic woman with a beautiful bag!

I would recommend the Vooray Aria tote if you’re a busy woman with a lot to carry, but don’t want to look like a slob nor lose shoulder strength. I’ve even transitioned into an evening out with this bag. Need more convincing? Look at all these compartments:

All images courtesy of Vooray

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