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What does #FreeBritney Mean?

Dedicated Britney Spears fans have been in fear of her safety during quarantine. They noticed her social media presence to be a bit odd and inorganic. Fans believe she’s been sending hints through her videos to draw attention to a possible abusive situation.

Conservatorship and Meltdown

Fans concluded Britney Spears is in a restricting conservatorship with her father, Jamie Spears, that had been done following Britney’s famous meltdown in 2007. After being seen driving with her baby in her lap, shopping naked and cutting her hair off, Jamie issued a conservatorship under the impression she was not mentally kept handling the responsibilities of music, family and her estate.

However, fans noticed Britney’s random stays at mental institutions suggested Jamie had not ended the “temporary” conservatorship even after she had gone full swing into touring and making albums.

Random Mental Ward Visit

Britney had “checked herself in” to a mental ward in April of 2019 for a month as reported by TMZ. Fans grew frantic wondering why after seeming fine to the public she would willingly go back.

The “Britney’s Gram” podcast expressed further concern on an episode regarding the sudden mental ward visit and cancellation of her Las Vegas residency. Featured in the podcast was a voicemail from an attorney, who stated the residency cancellation was not something Britney agreed to, confirming Jamie’s control over her music business decisions.

The attorney also said Britney had been in the mental facility since January of that year. Once the podcast aired, the #FreeBritney movement refueled and fans began making more noise.

Social Media Outcry

Spears uploaded a video last year assuring her fans had nothing to worry about after she spent months in a mental facility. However, fans were not convinced.

After Spears uploaded a TikTok video, her fans took to her comments begging for signs of distress. One fan commented asking Spears to wear a yellow shirt in her next video if she was not okay. The very next video upload, Spears was wearing what she called her “favorite yellow shirt.”

Immediately fans jumped on the hashtag “FreeBritney” and celebrities began commenting in concern under her posts. The song featured in the post was interpreted by fans as a cry for help with lyrics like “I’ve been tryna call, I’ve been on my own for long enough,” from The Weeknd’s “Blinding.” Fans also discovered Britney paces back and forth from in and out of the camera frame nine times, which in Morse code signals “SOS.”

Tentative Conclusion

If the rumors of Britney Spears’ binding are true, her father has control over almost her entire life. A conservatorship gives someone control of another person’s assets (deeming they are permanently or long-term incapable of handling them). Jamie Spears as Britney’s conservator is allegedly in control of her whereabouts, 90% custody of her children, how she spends her money, social media use and who she’s in contact with.As reported by Business Insider, Britney tried to end her conservatorship in May of 2019. Instead, Jamie stepped down from controlling Britney’s personal life to her financial life in September of 2019, leaving care manager Jodi Montgomery as the “temporary” conservator. According to ET, a Los Angeles judge extended Britney’s conservatorship until August 22, 2020.

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