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8 Pandemic-Friendly Winter Activities

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

While the pandemic has made for a scary and utterly unimaginable year, it’s almost through. That being said, let’s end 2020 on a good note. With the goal of heading into the holidays with an optimistic mindset, I’ve compiled my favorite pandemic-friendly winter activities.

1. Crafts

As the weather gets chilly, many of us find ourselves wanting to stay inside and stay warm. And while lounging about can feel entirely needed and even rewarding (I’m definitely guilty), doing something small with your leisure time, particularly something creative, can be a great way to let off some steam and fuel your artist within.

2. Baking

I’m not sure what it is, but something about the cold weather has us craving sweets every year.  Luckily, your body will not break down from a few treats. Do yourself a favor this year and reward yourself for all you’ve accomplished in 2020, which has been chaotic to say the least.

3. Sledding

Who said sledding was for kids?! Last time I checked, it’s still the same adrenaline-junkie, snowy activity that is perfect for any and all ages. Bring back your inner child and head for the hills!

4. Movie Marathons

If you’re anything like me, you love getting warm, cozy, and putting on a movie. Again, what is it about the winter time?! All I know is that when winter rolls around, it’s time to get the fuzzy blankets out and it’s time to start rewatching the grinch or whatever other holiday classics get you going. 

5. Cuddling

When winter arrives, cuddling is a must. And let’s get something straight: cuddling is not just for couples! There’s countless non-people cuddle items for all solo cuddle-seekers. You can cuddle your pets, pillows, family members, and even your stuffed animals…that you don’t have anymore…

6. Reading

I’ll get back into reading over the holidays…” If this phrase sounds familiar to you, I’m right there with you. I find myself yearning for a night in bed with a book (which may just mean I’m getting old) yet also entirely wiped out at the end of a busy day. Thus, when you get the chance to have a break in the year, remember to take advantage and hit the books.

7. Indoor Planting

If you find yourself with more time on your hands, consider spicing up your home with indoor plants or succulents. Not only can indoor plants improve the air, but they can make you feel better. In fact, studies show that having indoor plants can reduce stress, improve concentration, and can act as a mood booster. Sign me up!

8. Spa Day (or DIY)

What better way to reduce stress than to drop everything and have a spa day?! If you don’t feel safe going out to one of the open spas, it’s incredibly easy to have a DIY spa. Get ready to forget about everything and get to that place of serenity you’ve likely needed all year.

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