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This Year’s 2019 Winter Fashion Trends

With 2019 upon us, fashion trends are changing, developing, and forcing everyone to go out and purchase popular styles in stores. New York Minute Magazine is here to help you find the right style for you — while at the same time keeping you warm and up to date with the latest 2019 winter fashion trends.

Tweed, Tweed, Tweed

This material may just continue taking over the winter landscape of fashion. This comfortable and adaptable fabric has been a recent trend in many different style choices: scarves, jackets and coats.

Tweed material can envelop the body as a defensive coat, or shield your neck from blustery winds as a scarf. Consumers seem to particularly enjoy the material’s diverse patterns, with stitchings of infinite variation.

Tweed’s popularity has risen so much that recent fashion shows have experimented with the form and fitting of the material. Vogue goes so far as to say that tweed “is the sleeper hit quietly making its homespun way across New York Fashion Week.”

Want to stay warm and fashionable? Tweed is definitely the way to go.

Bring on the Layers

As odd as it may look to an outside eye, wearing many layers is the fashion forward trend this winter. Did you put on a coat this morning? Why not throw on another one, and a sweatshirt too while you’re at it.

Warmth is the top priority, and this fashion trend caters to all who find the cold winter air insufferable. Not only is this a trend on the streets, it also can be seen strutting the runway.

Rather than feel embarrassed by the obscene amount of layers you throw on as you bear the cold, wear it with pride. Throw on a double layer of scarves and three coats if you so choose. This 2019 winter fashion trend knows no limits — unless you find yourself unable to walk, like Ralphie’s little brother from A Christmas Story. Otherwise, layer up!

Badass Boots

This trend may never have died, but either way, boots are diverse, comfortable, and warming all at once. Not only do they endure the harsh weather of winter, but the variations of boots make them that much more wanted in the world of fashion. You can see some diverse styles here.

But seriously, you can’t go wrong with boots, at all. If you’re searching through your closet and find an old pair of cheetah print boots with heels, throw them on. Do you want to keep it simple with some black ankle boots to go with your gray tweed jacket? That combination is still stunning. You don’t need a pair of Louis Vuitton boots to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Boots are a must, and not just for the winter. It doesn’t matter the pattern on the boot’s exterior, the material they’re made out of, or the style: boots are magnificent in every form. They’re the perfect finish to your 2019 winter fashion outfit.

With these 2019 winter fashion trends, you’re promised to stay warm and stylish. Feel free to comment and let us know more trends you’re seeing this season — or even trends you despise. Fashion is ever-changing, and so are the opinions that dictate it.

Featured Image by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

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