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How Many Presidential Candidates Are Too Many? The Women for 2020 Vying for the Presidency

In what is quickly becoming known as the “Endless Race,” more women than ever before are running for the 2020 presidency against Donald Trump.

While we’re still in the early days of 2019, over a year away from the 2020 elections, six women have stepped forward to declare their intentions to run for the presidency.

Let’s meet the candidates:

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA)

Harris is the daughter of immigrants who grew up in the middle of the civil rights movement. Before becoming involved in politics, she served as a lawyer, specializing in child sex abuse trials and domestic violence cases. She also believes in rehabilitating low-level criminals with her program Back on Track, providing convicted criminals with valuable job training and skills.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.)

Gillibrand is yet another lawyer running for the presidency. She started her career as a more conservative Democrat, but over the years has switched to an anti-gun, pro-immigrant policy. She is most widely known for her support of Christine Blasey Ford in the trial against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, she is a staunch supporter of the #MeToo movement, which could gain her more support from female voters in 2020.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

Hers is the name on almost everyone’s lips these days. Warren was previously a professor of (wait for it) law at several schools across the United States. She was a Republican prior to the 1990s but is now a staunch Democrat. Warren is well-known for going head to head against Donald Trump in relation to her distant Native American ancestry. Warren’s political compass points far to the left, with similar anti-gun, pro-immigration stances to Gillibrand and support for green energy development.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

Klobuchar is yet another attorney-turned-senator in the race for the White House, but she’s a step ahead of the competition with her dose of “Minnesota Nice.” This mild-mannered moderate Democrat is known for being pro-women, pro-LGBT+, pro-immigrant, and “hard on drugs.” With the amount of anger and attention sweeping around the other female candidates, Klobuchar might just slip under the radar in the women for 2020 race.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI-Second District)

If you’re growing tired of hearing about lawyers running for president, look no further than Tulsi Gabbard. She is currently a major in the Army National Guard and has served in Iraq. She also started an environmental nonprofit as a teenager and is the youngest woman elected to the state legislature. Gabbard is focused on ending fossil fuels for electricity use by 2050, encourages tuition-free college, banning assault weapons, and creating a government-sponsored healthcare system. If elected, she’d be the youngest person to hold the title, and she’d be the first president to actually love surfing.

Marianne Williamson (D)

Marianne Williamson is not a lawyer, and she’s not a professor. She’s run for office before but she’s not a politician. She’s an author, a spiritualist, and a friend of Oprah. Her inspirational quotes are plastered all over Instagram and Pinterest. She has very interesting views on the issues, with some calling her tactics a cult following, yet she supports rights for women and LGBT+ individuals. Maybe her love-fueled run for the presidency will strike a chord with voters in the coming year.

Keep checking in for more updates on the endless race of women for 2020.

Featured Image by Lindamozuku on Wikimedia
 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

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