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Women on Wings: Supporting India’s Women

India is rapidly growing and expanding as a world economic power; however, some members are being left behind. While the middle class is thriving, India’s rural lower classes are paid little to nothing because of the lack of paying jobs available. This problem extends through generations, as parents who are unable to sustain a steady income are unable to provide food, clothes, and education to their children, and a vicious cycle of unemployment is instigated.

Women on Wings is an organization that seeks to find a remedy for this problem. The organization’s aim, along with that of its partners, is to create one million jobs for women in rural India. According to its mission, “A job means an income, economic autonomy and an escape from the cycle of poverty. Research shows that women spend their income on their families. Children can go to school, which increases their chances of a better future.” Women on Wings aims to reach not just women, but their families as well. The organization’s focus on giving women autonomy is significant, as they would thus be able to become providers for their families, a role often given primarily to men. Women on Wings’ goal, then, reaches further than breaking the cycle of poverty. The nonprofit also aims to break through gender norms and give women the autonomy to provide for their families.

In its mission statement, the organization states, “‘Human Capital’ is the core of what we provide. We provide business consultancy to Indian social entrepreneurs that create employment for women in rural India. Our experts share their time and skills pro bono.” By providing entrepreneurs with consultancy, these experts are opening doors for many women to find employment.

The consultants work with entrepreneurs in rural India to help them expand their businesses. “The aim is the same: improving the business of Indian social enterprises, so more products will be sold and more jobs are created. Thus, we co-create lasting impact.” The structure of the organization necessitates growth in all areas of the businesses in order to make room for more employees. Not only does this promote job opportunities for women, but it also promotes economic growth in rural India.

There are many ways to support this incredible organization, which you can see here on its website. These options range from donating money to the cause to donating your time as a professional consultant. Along with these options, a great way to promote the organization is to tell your friends and family about it! By spreading awareness, you can increase the number of professionals or donations given to Women on Wings. We can be the air under the organization’s wings by simply talking about its awesome work.

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