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Wonder Woman Defies Box Office Odds

Wonder Woman has hit a variety of box office milestones since its opening in theaters. The movie earned $35.1 million in its third weekend, allowing the film’s total earnings to surpass $700 million worldwide.

The film, directed by Patty Jenkins, had already passed its first weekend’s predicted $65 million earnings, raking in instead $100 million. It had surpassed $200 million by the second weekend.

The movie, which has since become a hot topic in the media, continues to knock down barriers. For example, this is the first major superhero movie that stars a woman as the lead. Moreover, director Jenkins has now become the fourth woman to have a movie reach over $500 million worldwide, an even more impressive feat given the film is only in its third week.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman’s Marvel superhero cousin film Man of Steel, which aired June of 2013, fell short of reaching $300 million domestically. The fact that Wonder Woman passed this sum with flying colors and a solid $346.1 million as of its fourth weekend is amazing.

Clearly, as the first major superhero film about a woman and a box office record breaker, Wonder Woman is setting the bar high! The film, prior to opening, received major critiques on its potential success, with some critics questioning whether a woman-led superhero film would hold up at the box office. Many arguments for these views were rooted in a recently disproven theory that women could not deliver significant sales at the box office. No matter what the reasoning, Wonder Woman has clearly eased those doubts.

The cultural impact of Wonder Woman cannot be understated. The success of a movie with a strong woman lead, directed by a woman, will hopefully lead to the existence of more movies like it.

As demonstrated by a recent viral recount of a teacher’s experience with her kindergarteners’ reactions to the film, Wonder Woman is helping to change stereotypes regarding what a woman can do. This movie is giving young minds an example that women are capable of anything.

In terms of a sequel, director Patty Jenkins has been discussing possible plans with Warner Bros. and DC. No sequel has officially been announced, but with the major sales that this superwoman film is racking in, the odds are leaning towards a Wonder Woman part two.

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