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Working at Home: 7 Tips for Focusing

Working at home has become the new normal, and with change comes stress. Reduce your stress with the following tips for staying focused.

Working from home is difficult for all of us! Read the following tips about how to stay focused. 

1. Create an Office

Just as it is important to create a space dedicated for sleeping, the same goes for work. Creating a structured place that is solely for work will increase productivity and incentive. It is essential to limit distractions: procrastination no more! 

2. Limit Media Consumption

While it is always important to be conscious of media intake, right now this is of the utmost importance. We all know how much time can be wasted scrolling through feeds, regardless of the intent. Thus, consider scheduling time where you put your phone aside, as this can seriously improve focus.

3. Block Time-Wasting Sites

Working from home risks procrastination-we all know how enticing it is to neglect our work and browse our favorite sites for hours. Consider reducing time spent browsing websites that are distracting you from work. Find more information on how to use the chrome extension that blocks websites.

4. Schedule Personal Time

Schedule breaks that allow you to replenish your energy and ultimately gain focus. Going too hard will simply result in burnout and you having little to no energy. Learn about what works for you, whether it be a coffee break, a crossword puzzle session, or personal lunch breaks.

5. Stay Active

It is pretty much universally known that physical activity has a multitude of benefits, such as improving sleep, increasing focus, and decreasing stress. Moreover, feeling physically strong during this hectic time can be rewarding. Read up on all the various workouts you can do from home- get sweating!

6. Social Interaction

Social isolation can leave you feeling lonely and extremely distanced. Thus, it is important to remember that we are empathetic creatures that truly need human socialization! Don’t forget to check in with your friends and loved ones. Utilize FaceTime and your free time to share what has been happening and reconnect. 

7. Create Schedules

Working from home can leave us with blocks of empty time where it can be difficult to motivate. Creating daily schedules or to-do lists gives us a sense of control and structure. Ultimately, listing your priorities at the beginning of the day will reduce your stress. The pandemic has placed strains on all of us, so take the steps in your power to improve mental health. 

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