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How to Make your Workout a Habit

Maintaining a workout routine can be incredibly challenging. While it’s exciting to get started, it is difficult to keep showing up. Here are 10 ways to turn your workout into a habit.

1. Stick to a Time

One of the biggest ways you can stick to a schedule is by setting a time to workout. This keeps you on track and reduces the potential of putting the workout off.

2. Set Reminders

Once you have your set time, create little reminders either through your phone or on physical notes. If you are constantly seeing these, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable and follow through. Some apps you can use are Wunderlist, Things, and Microsoft To Do.

3. Make (small) Goals

Goals are essential, because without them, we lose both structure and motivation. Furthermore, consider setting very small goals in the beginning so as not to overwhelm yourself. As you achieve goals, note your progress and set more.

4. Have Fun!

If you are constantly dreading your workouts, you are pretty much doomed. Use trial and error methods to find out which exercises are most fun for you. Furthermore, consider doing research to discover the various types of workouts.

5. Include Variety

If you do the same workout every day, not only will you hit plateau, but you will be incredibly bored! Unless you are a professional athlete with a rigorous and fixed workout routine, you have full freedom to change it up!

6. Incorporate Rest Days

Without rest days, you will almost definitely overwork yourself and/or burn out both physical and mentally. Scheduling rest days allows your muscles to grow and develop. Additionally, it is actually not beneficial to workout every day of the week- read more about the importance of rest days here

7. Reward Yourself 

Motivation is key to any journey. Furthermore, rewards are crucial for staying motivated. On the contrary, if you’re too hard on yourself you will feel anxious and hopeless. Consider rewards that will not compromise your goals, such as a night out with friends, a shopping trip, or a spa day. 

8. Track your Progress

Seeing your growth is a great way to motivate yourself. Furthermore, it can incentivize you to make bigger goals, as you can visually see that you are capable! Check out apps such as Heavy Set, Fitbod, and Stacked

For anyone who is in quarantine or practicing social isolation, check out these workouts you can do at home!

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