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Year in Review: Best Moments for Women in 2020

Congratulations! You survived 2020. While it may be difficult to see the silver linings of last year, there were some great moments to come out of it (believe it or not). Here are some major wins for women in 2020 to help all of us see the brighter side of this year.

The First Female Super Bowl Coach Katie Sowers Makes History

Katie Sowers made history this past February as she became the first female and openly gay NFL staff member to coach in the Super Bowl for the 49ers. She’s the offensive assistant coach for the team and uses her platform to advocate for equality and fight for inclusivity in the NFL.

More Women Ran for Office This Year in the US Than Ever Before

A record number of women candidates ran for House of Representatives and Senate seats in the 2020 election. In 2020, there were 583 women candidates for the House, which was a record high compared to 2018’s previous record of 476 women candidates. This year there were 60 women running for Senate seats compared to 2018’s record of 53 women. While there may not be complete gender equality in the political sphere, we are certainly getting there.

Billie Eilish Swept the Grammy Awards

Billie Eilish had an insanely successful 2020, breaking a number of records. She won 5 of 6 of her nominations and was the youngest person and only woman to win awards in all of the major categories of the Grammy Awards. Eilish won best new artist, record of the year, song of the year and album of the year at just 17-years-old.

Women Take Home Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics

For the first time ever, women won Nobel Prizes in both chemistry and physics, two categories that have never both had women winners in the same year. Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry,

Rihanna’s Fall 2020 Savage x Fenty Show Transformed Lingerie Fashion Shows

While most of us are used to watching the traditional models featured in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year, Rihanna rewrote the norm this year with her body-positive Savage x Fenty Show. The show celebrated a multitude of body types and skin tones and showed off her fall lingerie line and promoted “fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity,” according to their website.

Scotland Made Period Products Free For All

This year, Scotland became the first nation to make tampons and pads free for women, which is immensely important to those who are unable to access period products (AKA period poverty).

Equal Pay for Women Soccer Players in Brazil and Sierra Leone

This year, more and more countries are closing the gender wage gap that has been affecting professional soccer players all over the globe. This year, Brazil and Sierra Leone announced that it would finally equalize payment for their men’s and women’s soccer teams. About time!

Kamala Harris Becomes Vice President of the United States

Kamala Harris became the first woman and woman of color to become Vice President of the United States after the 2020 Presidential Election. Senator Harris is about to step into the most powerful position in US office that a woman has ever been elected to, and inspired millions with the infamous line “I’m speaking” during the Vice Presidential debate.

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